Get Started

Download KeroMouse Android application and install it on your Android phone. Click here to download.
Download KeroMouse Windows application and install it on your PC. Click here to download.
Run KeroMouse Windows application. If Windows firewall is active it will ask you whether you want to allow this application or not. You need to allow KeroMouse application because it needs to communicate with your Android phone. So select "Allow". Click here for more help about communication problems and firewall issues.

If you need to change the port number, you need to change it to the same number in both KeroMouse Windows application and KeroMouse Android application. To change it in Android application, while KeroMouse is open click the menu button of your phone and select Settings and then change the port number.
Turn your phone's WiFi on. (You need to connect your phone and computer to the same internet connection.)
Run KeroMouse Android application on your phone.
Your computer's IP address is displayed in the main window of KeroMouse Windows application. Enter this IP address into the IP field on KeroMouse Android application. And tap connect button. Once it connects, a tooltip shows up on your PC.
Now you're ready to go. Move your finger on your phone and see if the mouse cursor in Windows moves as well. You can minimize the KeroMouse Windows application so it doesn't take up space on your screen. When you minimize the KeroMouse, it minimizes to the tray (notification) area, not to the taskbar.
If it doesn't work properly, please first make sure your phone and computer is connected to the same network (same internet connection) and you allowed KeroMouse to communicate through your firewall application in Windows. Secondly, make sure you enter the correct IP address and port number to KeroMouse Android application.
You can also look into the Help section to get more help.